FEISTY is a wellness market that stocks only clean women owned brands where you can shop in alignment with your values

Our Story

We no longer wanted to support male owned multibillion dollar companies that polluted our bodies and our earth. Founded in Vancouver, Canada FEISTY's mission is to fiercely support women.

We do this through:

• increasing global sales of women owned businesses to get more money into the hands of women. More money in the hands of women will lead to a more equitable, ethical and sustainable world.

• giving back to charities helping women around the world. You get to pick the cause you want us to donate to. Read more here.

• increasing womens health by decreasing exposure to toxins in skin, hair and wellness products. See our listed of banned ingredients here.


Hi, I'm Hannah.

I started FEISTY as I have always been fiercely proud of being a woman. I realize this comes with great privilege because elsewhere in the world, and even in my own community, to be/identify as a woman is to believe you are less than.

I believe the more women in the world who hold the wealth the more we can change the social and economic factors which keep women trapped in toxic masculinity and ashamed of who they are.

Join me in this mission as every sale at FEISTY benefits the incredible women behind the brands we stock and women in need in the global community.