Is Dry Shampoo Causing Your Hair Loss and Itchy, Flakey Scalp?

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Lets be real, dry shampoo is a staple in our routines these days. I remember when I first discovered dry shampoo it was in a Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadian version of Walgreens) with my best friend. I thought I had stumbled upon pure gold. Growing up with fine hair meant I washed my hair every day in high school to avoid it becoming greasy. As I got older I washed less but on the days I didn’t wash my hair meant a pony tail and lower self confidence. Then entered dry shampoo and everything changed… until I realized it was making my hair fall out. 

Cut to the pandemic when hair washing became much less necessary and I was going through bottles of Batiste like they were going out of style (hopefully this is foreshadowing). In the shower I was loosing 10x more hair than normal and my scalp was itchy and flakey. It took me a few months to realize that it was the dry shampoo. Just do a quick google and you’ll see I am not alone in this experience.

The general theory of why conventional dry shampoo causes hair loss is that a build up on toxic ingredients on the scalp blocks hair follicles and results in inflammation of the scalp. Over time this weakens the hair follicle and makes your hair fall out. 


girl washing hair with non toxic shampoo and conditioner


Let's Break Down the Ingredients of Conventional Dry Shampoo's 

Benzene - A known human carcinogen that causes leukemia and other blood disorders

Butane, Propane & Isobutane - Aerosol dry shampoos use liquified petroleum gas composed of butane, propane and isobutane to spray the formula out of the can. You won’t find these on the can though because it’s not part of the formula as they are in the mechanism of delivery (confusing right?). These chemicals can cause respiratory issues, headaches, hormonal issues and liver and brain damage. 

Talc - Talc is often highly contaminated with asbestos…. Yes you read that right… asbestos! The material we put respirators on and dress in hazmat suits to deal with because it causes cancer. 

Fragrance - This term is essentially a catch all term for chemicals that brands don't want to disclose. You see manufacturers are not required to disclose what is in fragrance so it could literally be anything… 

I could continue on with the list but I am getting depressed… so lets get back to my story of when I finally discovered dry shampoo was causing my itchy scalp and hair loss. I entered into a pit of despair and resigned to being a greasy hair girl again until I found Cleo + Coco. I found it on one of my favourite instagram accounts (shout out to Organic Olivia) and I rejoiced. Finally, a dry shampoo that could improve my day 2 hair that won’t make my hair fall out. I ordered one and I have never looked back. 

dry shampoo and body powder - non toxic non toxic dry shampoo - oil absorption, doubles as body powder


Why we love Cleo + Coco’s Dry Shampoo + Body Powders! 


  1. Absorbs oil and eliminates odour from scalp with non-toxic ingredients 
  2. A hands free pump mechanism of delivery 
  3. Absorbs into all hair colours and types with a quick blow dry/hair brush 
  4. Doubles as a body powder to stop thigh chafing and absorbs underboob sweat and body odour. Safe to use on the groin area, feet, thighs, underarms and under boob for anti-chafing, perspiration absorption and odour elimination.
  5. Two dreamy scents to choose from - Grapefruit Bergamont or Lavender Vanilla 

Shop Non-Toxic Dry Shampoo Now!  


Have you experienced any side effects from using conventional dry shampoos? Let us know in the comments! 


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